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Bistro Chair

The Habit bistro chair elegantly combines refined design with stackability, offering both aesthetics and practical versatility.
7-10 Days
169,00 €

Angulus Picture Light

The Angulus picture light presents itself as an artistic masterpiece that impresses with its versatility in surface design.
7-10 Days
From 100,00 €

Ilma Armchair

The Ilma Armchair, crafted by designer Jonas Lutz, embodies elegance and durability.
7-10 Days
From 3.300,00 €

Stop Bookend

The STOP bookend is ideal as an elegant desk or shelf accessory and offers scope for individual interpretation.
7-10 Days
From 120,00 €

North Pendant Light

The NORTH pendant light impresses with its distinguished simplicity and creates a fascinating arrangement of light and form.
7-10 Days
From 325,00 €

North Baldachin

The separately available canopy for the NORTH pendant light serves as a ceiling attachment.
7-10 Days
From 60,00 €

Profile Shelf

The PROFIL wall-mounted shelf combines minimalist design with sculptural elegance and offers individual color and composition solutions.
7-10 Days
From 795,00 €

Haus Paperweight

The "HAUS" paperweight from e15 is an enchanting accessory for the home and office, available in various architectural shapes.
7-10 Days
From 40,00 €

Ito Tablet

The ITO square tray is a modern and practical accessory for the office that offers both style and functionality.
7-10 Days
From 160,00 €

B 117 Side Table

A classic with formal clarity includes the designs of Mies van der Rohe, Marcel Breuer and Mart Stam.
2-3 Weeks
1.695,00 €

Buquet Table Lamp EB 27

In his lamp from 1927, Édouard-Wilfrid Buquet interprets the search for balance as a shift in weight.
7-10 Days
From 4.250,00 €

Palo Lamp

The E15 PALO series, consisting of a floor lamp and table lamp, combines elegant design with innovative solutions for versatile lighting requirements.
7-10 Days
1.050,00 €

Buquet Wall Lamp EB 27

The Buquet EB 27 wall light from Tecnolumen combines functionality and aesthetics in a timeless design that represents a piece of history.
7-10 Days
From 4.250,00 €

North Wall Lamp

With its abstract geometry and interplay of light and shadow, the NORTH wall light offers a versatile design option for various compositions.
7-10 Days
395,00 €
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Classic, comfortable and elegant.
7-10 Days
From 990,00 € Lowest: 1.100,00 €