Magazine of Bauhaus Movement

Rethinking the world

"The goal of the Bauhaus is precisely not a "style", not a system, dogma or canon, not a recipe and not a fashion! It will be alive as long as it is not attached to form, but seeks the fluidity of life itself behind the changeable form!"

Bauhaus Masters

Walter Gropius

Modern design is all about simplicity and funcionality and can be found in many products we're using on a daily basis. 

Learn how the Bauhaus Movement influenced design history with its emphasis on theory and practice as taught by the masters.

Learning Bauhaus

In Bauhaus Magazine, you can discover works by international artists and experience projects. Delight in design and haptics. At the same time, you can also enter new spaces of experience. Access supplementary information or videos. All in the spirit of the Bauhaus idea of combining achievements of the past with new technical possibilities.

Magazine of Bauhaus Movement

A Bauhaus Magazine? Yes and NO! Not just any magazine. One that opens up new spaces of experience. That is alive and changing. That grows: imaginatively. Creative. Surprising. Unexpected. Exciting.

What makes the Bauhaus Magazine so unique? It is alive. It changes. It grows. It's going global.

Every three months we report on new aspects of the Bauhaus scene. The magazine's readers are enthusiastic Bauhaus devotees all over the world. Who love the extraordinary. Who are interested in both the legacy of the historic Bauhaus and the possibilities of modern technology. Designers and architects, artists and researchers, critics and utopians, people behind the Bauhaus and all others who are professionally committed to the further development of Bauhaus culture. But also students and pupils or simply fans of beautiful, functional and elegant design who want to be informed and inspired.

The first Bauhaus Magazine Edition published 2023

Discover the Bauhaus

The historic Bauhaus existed for only 14 years - from 1919 to 1933. Nevertheless, it became the most important think tank of its time and has not lost its appeal to this day. On the contrary: with the claim to rethink things from the ground up - holistically and interdisciplinarily - the founders of the Bauhaus not only shaped the real space of their time, but also created an intellectual space to continually reinvent themselves. A place of ever-new search. A playground for creativity and inspiration. Innovation and vision. A forge of the future.