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Aswan Stool by Ferdinand Kramer

The simple and elegant stool ASWAN features a hand-woven seat surface finished in a textile band or vegetable tanned leather, which is luxuriously soft and w...
7-10 Days
From 570,00 €

László Moholy-Nagy Rug

This carpet is a work of art for your floor that not only enriches your living space but also reflects your enthusiasm for modern design.
7-10 Days
From 4.600,00 €

Squares in Orbit Rug

The "Squares in Orbit" rug combines the artistic inspiration of Sandra Blow and presents abstract colors and shapes in a living room artwork.
7-10 Days
1.300,00 €

Tore Onxy Side Table

The TORE ONYX side table impresses with its mono-material elegance and timeless color options.
7-10 Days
5.545,00 €

Span Pendellamp

This pendant light blends harmoniously into various rooms and is particularly suitable above dining tables or other areas where targeted and pleasant light i...
7-10 Days
1.400,00 €

Houdini Chair

By combining contemporary design and classic elegance, the HOUDINI chair creates a balanced symbiosis between visual appeal and practical use.
7-10 Days
From 800,00 €