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Singleton Bridge Stool

The Concrete Bridge Stool designed by Henri Lavallard Boget for Lyon Béton, has a bold sculptural shape which heightens the industrial aesthetic.
7-10 Days
330,00 €

Hauteville Rocking Chair

The Concrete HAUTEVILLE Rocking Chair designed by Henri Lavallard Boget for Lyon Béton, draws inspiration from iconic mid-century design with a modern twist.
7-10 Days
650,00 €

Gugelot Armchair

The Gugelot Sessel not only offers an aesthetically pleasing design but also provides the utmost in seating comfort.
7-10 Days
2.100,00 €


The "Skwer" collection by Habit: The perfect symbiosis of form and function for the outdoor area.
7-10 Days
From 200,00 €

Cross frames Chair Max Bill

Upholstered cross frame chair Max billThe upholstered version of the Max Bill chair is an elegant addition to this timeless collection
7-10 Days
From 950,00 €

Sun Lounger Lido

Enjoy comfort and elegance with our exclusive lounger - a harmonious piece of furniture that enriches your home.
7-10 Days
From 1.295,00 €

Houdini Chair

By combining contemporary design and classic elegance, the HOUDINI chair creates a balanced symbiosis between visual appeal and practical use.
7-10 Days
From 800,00 €

Langley Stool

Experience the fusion of clear design and natural materials with the LANGLEY stool.
7-10 Days
750,00 €

Ilma Armchair

The Ilma Armchair, crafted by designer Jonas Lutz, embodies elegance and durability.
7-10 Days
From 3.300,00 €

Aswan Stool by Ferdinand Kramer

The simple and elegant stool ASWAN features a hand-woven seat surface finished in a textile band or vegetable tanned leather, which is luxuriously soft and w...
7-10 Days
From 970,00 €

Hauteville Chair

Designed by Henri Lavallard­ Boget and Julie Legros, the concrete Hauteville chair puts a fresh spin on the iconic resin chairs of the 1950s.
7-10 Days
350,00 €

Hauteville Bar Chair

What gives a pub at least 80% of its style? Its bar and bar stools. Designed by Henri Lavallard­ Boget, the concrete Hauteville bar stool sets a tone, impos...
7-10 Days
390,00 €

Edge Stool on Wheels

The Concrete Soft Edge Stool designed by Lyon Béton, is a unique furnishing piece unlike many modern stools, artful and practical.
385,00 €
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Picture of S 56 PFDWR EVO


Classic, comfortable and elegant.
7-10 Days
From 990,00 € Lowest: 1.100,00 €

S 60 Cantilever Chair Program

The S 60 cantilevered seating range: The contemporary interpretation of a familiar typology – suitable for every need incontract and at home
7-10 Days
From 1.550,00 €

Wooden Chair 107

A contemporary wooden chair for restaurants, bistros and private dining areas
7-10 Days
395,00 €