Women of the Bauhaus

The Bauhaus was founded on the promise of gender equality, but women Bauhauslers had to fight for recognition. These pioneering women artists challenged the conventions of the day to become pivotal in the creation of Bauhaus.

furniture design with a long tradition

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Today, as in the past, Thonet create innovative products designed for durability: they are characterised by the highest quality and a timeless formal language. 

Behind each Thonet product stands a well-conceived concept and several production steps – from the processing of the wood or tubular steel to the colouring and upholstery. Each piece of furniture already has its own history before it even leaves our facility.

The combination of state-of-the-art production technologies and traditional craftsmanship makes Thonet one of the most successful furniture companies in the world.

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Bauhaus Fashion

The Bauhaus style is regarded as a pioneer of modernity and is characterised by clear, functional and straight forms, which is also the motto of our Bauhaus Fashion Collection.


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Bauhaus is synonymous with rational and functional art, architecture and design. That is why our Design Collection always remains en vogue. We honour the masters and stand for minimalism and classic forms.