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Nona Chess Pieces

NONA chess pieces by Annabelle Klute, 2021, are characterized by minimalist design, inspired by the possible moves on the chessboard.
7-10 Days
690,00 €

Buquet Wall Lamp EB 27

The Buquet EB 27 wall light from Tecnolumen combines functionality and aesthetics in a timeless design that represents a piece of history.
7-10 Days
From 4.250,00 €

Nona Chessboard

Discover a new dimension of chess with the NONA chessboard, in which tradition and innovation merge in a unique way.
7-10 Days
990,00 €

Salina Stoneware

The SALINA series by e15 comprises handmade stoneware products inspired by traditional manufacturing methods and contemporary design.
7-10 Days
35,00 €

Haus Paperweight

The "HAUS" paperweight from e15 is an enchanting accessory for the home and office, available in various architectural shapes.
7-10 Days
From 40,00 €