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Build freely and compose structures with this Charles Eames inspired HOUSE™ architecture toy pack.
7-10 Days
49,00 €


Furniture? Sculpture or toy? A bit of it all. ROKKI is both a playful stool and side table.
2-3 Weeks
650,00 €


A cube divided into the dimensions of the golden ratio.
7-10 Days
249,00 €

Bauhaus Cradle

Geometry and colour. This collector‘s item is a replica of the historic cradle designed by Peter Keler in 1922 during his apprenticeship at the Bauhaus.
In Stock
295,00 €

Bauhaus Jumping Jack

Timeless form Margaretha Reichard, one of the prominent individuals of the Bauhaus era, developed the jumping jack and peg dolls while studying at the Bauhau...
7-10 Days - Limited
210,00 €

Hundred and more

A creativity builder, art game, for that thought pause, a design game, a meditation help, a help to find ideas, for study purposes, to create art, to stimula...
7-10 Days
39,90 €

Bauhaus Bauspiel

During her training at the legendary Bauhaus in 1923, Alma Siedhoff-Buscher designed this Bauhaus Bauspiel as part of the children’s room in the house “Am Ho...
7-10 Days
159,00 €